Strength, Courage, Confidence

Strength, Courage, Confidence

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"United we stand, divided we fall" is a common quote used throughout history.  It is often used today to help unite communities, businesses and countries.  It is even used to establish what is known as 'cliques'.  What they, those in cliques, do not realize is that after high school we all go our seperate ways.  If you are use to being in a clique were a leader tells you what to do, wear, who to like, who to date.....what is going to happen once you graduate ?

Cliques can be powerful, and very hurtful, especially if they are girls.  The bullying that comes from these types of cliques usually are not addressed because it is rarely a physical attack.  Instead it is the flash looks, rumors, exclusion, name-calling and back stabbing that results in psychological pain which is often more damaging than physical pain.

There is a difference between a Group of Close Friends and Cliques. Being with a Group of Close Friends can provide you with life long skills such as being a good listener, communicate effectively and respecting people.  Friends of these groups are welcome to join or leave as they want with no pressure and no leader of a group.

Cliques, however, are tight groups with high demands of their members.  Most of these types of cliques are focused completely on maintaining their popularity status.  Those outside of a clique often become targets for being victimized for being different.  Members of cliques do everything together: sit together, hang out afterschool together, often dress similar, etc.


Having conversations with your mom, dad, grandparents, especially on sensitive issues like school, drama and your crush may be hard, believe it or not they were teenagers at one time.  (Eventhough I have no idea how they survived without texting.)  How do you know if they can help you if you do not ask .