Strength, Courage, Confidence

Strength, Courage, Confidence

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Alittle bit about Me

My name is Savannah I developed Strength, Courage, Confidence because there was a need in my community and wanted to take action to educate and inspire others. 


As a 4th generation Girl Scout the idea to help teenagers in my own community, and around the country, came naturally to me.  I have always had the passion to help others, but this was my chance to take it a step further, by making it personal. The issues that teenagers face today are ones that no one should ever have to face alone or without help. We are either victims ourselves, witnessing to others going through it, or know someone that it has happened to them.  Eventhough I cannot include all of the issues that teenagers face in my Girl Scout Gold Award, I have chosen to take action on more common issues in our lives which include: eating disorders, dealing with cliques, drama, self-esteem, and stress.


"We must have the Strength to continue, the Courage to stand up and the Confidence in ourselves if we want to make the world a better place", Savannah.